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updated mon 29 dec 03


Wood Jeanne on sun 28 dec 03

Hi Lee & All,
This is slightly off subject, but...
In my art room at school, I have a photo of DuChamp's
"Urinal" up and photos of beautiful tea bowls, among
other art prints.

My students have not had many art experiences or art
exposure and freak over the urinal pic, bring their
friends in to see it, etc. It is an absolutely great
conversation starter about art in general and gives me
many opportunities to ask them "why do you think...",
"well what about...".

Most have a tendency to bypass the pics of the modest
teabowls, and I am the one who starts the
conversations about those and if one piece of art
leads to a discussion about the other. Then I am a
happy teacher.

Jeanne W.

--- Lee Love wrote:
Actually, functional craft has a
> better chance at evoking
> universal meaning than personal art or art that
> strongly dependent on
> current events for its meaning. It is because of
> the personal perspective
> of this type of art. Think about folks 2000 years
> in the future, digging
> up a Yi teabowl (see the teabowl here:
> ) and also
> digging up DuChamp's Urinal
> (see here:
> )

> Lee In Mashiko

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