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follow up on velvet underglazes at ^10 reduc

updated mon 29 dec 03


Pam on sun 28 dec 03

A while back I asked if anyone here had used the Gare/Amaco underglazes in
a ^10 reduction fireing, which is much higher than the recomended temp. No
one had. So, I made a test tile, and have (finally) gotten the results. I
made the test tile from a porcelain clay so I could see the colors more
clearly. After painting on the underglazes, I dipped the tile about half way
into the house clear glaze. Here are my findings:

color unglazed
V-301 - IVORY BEIGE color burnt out color
burnt out
V-303 - TERRA COTTA nice raw sienna color
mostly burnt out, but nice burnt umber in scrafitto
V-308 - YELLOW very pale yellow color
burnt out
V-318 - ROSE nice beige, w/dark speckling color
mostly burnt out, but faint green in scrafitto
V-327 - TURQUOISE color unharmed color
V-332 - TEAL BLUE color unharmed color
V-354 - LEAF GREEN color unharmed, darker color
V-360 - WHITE hard to tell
hard to tell
V-361 - BLACK color unharmed
color unharmed
V-381 - AMETHYST nice dark earthy blue-green color unharmed
DV-3334 - SAND DUNE color unharmed color burnt
DV-3369 - SANDSTORM color unharmed color mostly
burnt out, faint tan

So, the blues and greens faired better than beiges and pinks