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order for ebook (about rossete gault new paerclay book)

updated sun 28 dec 03


Ababi on sat 27 dec 03

I owe much of my success in clay these days to Rosette Gault's Paperclay
book from 1998.
Reading that book led me to learn and use paperclay almost exclusively
in my works as well as my students. (Please see the first link)
I was glad to buy her new E book. It is much easier for me to read from
the computer rather than from a regular book.

However there are four big disappointments.
1) Almost impossible to see the headlines and the pictures of the plots:
Sometimes when I print them as draft I can see, somehow the picture.

It is very hard to read the written or the printed words in these plots
One of the main advantages of the Acrobat Reader is the possibility to
Increase the size of the written word as well as the plots to make them
clearer if in the normal 100% size they are too small.

2) No index.

3) When the author sends me to page 29 -Just an example - to see
something there is not a direct link that allows me to go forward and
back again as I have in other E books I have.

The third disappointment is that there are not any colored pictures.

It might not matter so much but the same sketches that are not clear as
white gray and black would be more seen able as colored ones.
As for my computer:
Pentium2 266
288 RAM.
I have many acrobat documents. They are seen clear and some of them
I call you to re - edit this excellent E book and allow me to re
download it.
Copy: Rosette Gault
Clayart ceramics list.

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

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