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shipping and peanuts

updated sat 27 dec 03


piedpotterhamelin@COMCAST.NET on fri 26 dec 03

I keep suggesting to the local Boy and Girl scout leaders that if the kids collect the peanuts from their parents that I would make a cash contribution of equal value to their group..but never any takers.
I did set up a collection area at my local landfill but the amount of coffee cups, food trays, dryer lint and floor sweepings that were included made for a disgusting and disturbing experience.
When my new studio is up, I will post it as a receiving area for them.
Walmart said that they recycle but they told me that it is easier to toss them out then to keep them for me even if I would pick them up weekly.
Large malls are a great source but you will have to design a program with the maintenance staff.
New stores that are opening like Target, Walmart etc would be a great one time surge of peanuts.
Trade shows are similar. Boston Trade Center has mucho mountains of the stuff on set up day.

Happy holidays

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> Hi Leland and all,
> I get my packing peanuts at the recycling center. They collect them from
> everybody and will give them to the first person who asks for them.
> Eleanora
> At 08:26 AM 12/17/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >we are shipping a few pots every day now for the Christmas buyers. six per
> >cent? really? I had not heard of that. we are still pretty new at
> >selling pots, so we hadn't even heard of using a percentage at all, but six
> >sure wouldn't do it.
> >
> >we ship everything priorty mail, usps. boxes are free, delivered right to
> >our door, and to make that deal sweeter, you can order them online. tape
> >too. they are a little limited on box sizes, you can't get any bigger than
> >8x8x12, so for taller pots, we tape two or three of them together.
> >remember, the tape is free too! this has been working out great so far.
> >
> >judy does weight the pots, estimates weight of packing materials, (she's
> >good too, it's always right on the money!) then tacks on two bucks for
> >handleing. so thats what the customer pays. actual priority mail, plus
> >two bucks for handling, which really is only offsetting price of bubble
> >wrap and peanuts. this system is working for us.
> >
> >now all we need is to find a source for free bubble wrap and peanuts.
> >anybody out there got any ideas?
> >
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