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scams: don't give anyone your account numbers-kiln,equipment sellers

updated thu 25 dec 03


Milla Miller on tue 23 dec 03

Just a reminder to those who advertise anything for sale as there is a scam
whereby a buyer offers to pay full price no questions asked and offers to
wire the money to your account and offers to arrange the shipping
This has occurred to me and many others on the Clayart,Ebay and any selling
ad on the internet.The offer seemed too good to be true and my sniffer told
my gut NO WAY HOSE.Now the news shows are telling how the accounts have
been dained and the banks inadvertendly deposited the bogus financial
instrument [a car in the story] in the seller's account then upon finding the buyer's
paperwork was bogus the seller has to make good to the bank.

A buyer for my gas kiln was along this line and since my ad wasn't too
specific questions would be expected .So,I was glad when they asked no routine
potter's questions I knew it had to be trouble and didn't try to conclude any
The cash with no transport issues would have been nice but I wasn't born
yesterday either.So Claybuds be so careful.Happy holidays and a spectacular new
year to all.

Margaret[in bed with a nasty bacterial infection going on two weeks].