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surfing with helen bates - vasefinder website for classical american

updated tue 23 dec 03


Helen Bates on mon 22 dec 03

Studio Ceramics - Dec. 22, 2003

Surfing with Helen Bates - Vasefinder Website for Classical American
Studio Ceramics - Dec. 22, 2003

Charles and Sherry Blim (Vasefinder) (Fernley, NV, USA)

"Vasefinder Website for Classical American Studio Ceramics"
A fascinating find, and a combination of freely viewable work for sale
(lots sold in some artists' cases) links to working potters, and paid
subscriptions for the online magazine with articles about potters who
worked in mid-century, and an online museum, also available to paid-up
subscribers. Here is the list of names in the "Z" category: Zagorski,
Edward J. (WI), Zamantakis, Mark (CO), Zegler, Richard Eugene (IN),
Zerlin, Robert (NJ), Ziegler, Laura Belle (OH), Zukoski, Roselyn (WI),
Zwick, Rosemary (IL). Vasefinder hosts pages for Mimi Patrick, Bonnie
Staffel, Michael and Denise Coffee, David Beumee, Paul Herman, Rick
Hintze, Tom Turner and Gail Russell, Gary Hatcher, Scott Cooper. (See
either "Links" or "Shop."

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