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impressive package and packing

updated mon 22 dec 03


Stephani Stephenson on sun 21 dec 03

I was very impressed when I received a package containing a
beautiful stoneware bowl by Reg Behrends, of Blue Moon Pottery
in Cable, Wisconsin http://www.BlueMoonPotteryInc.Com

Reg has his pottery name and logo printed on the box in blue.
It was very cool! I was impressed before I even opened the box!
Inside he had a beautiful 4X8 full color card which had
a lovely image on one side and information about his pottery and work on
the other

the text, the imagery, the packaging, all worked together.
The bowl itself was beautifully and professionally made,
the accompanying materials served to enhance it.
everything about it said, handmade,warmth, genuine, quality, value.

You have nailed it, Reg!

Stephani Stephenson