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sign of the times - 'class' and reason...

updated sun 21 dec 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 20 dec 03

Hi Lee,

"Class" also derive from awareness, aptitude and
facility...and, really, 'classes' are only in very few ways,
or as very few kinds of them, 'centerd' on or in

Something you may forget when not making obsequienses to
your 'masters' to which you frequently refer.

Why be so pedantic?

That a 'class' as signifies and
maintains the stratum of it's ways...(denial)

It is hard to way or the other!

Especially by denial...

Best wishes,


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From: "Lee Love"

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> From: "steve harrison"
> Hi Steve,
> > I don't think that it matters what people wear on their
heads or if
> > they are middle class or left or right leaning. Nor if
they are
> > production potters or hobbiests.
> I agree on both counts. Class and politics are
primarily centered
> on economics. Creativity deals with more important
things. As the
> writer William Everson said (I was a writer before I
became a potter),
> writing and art are both best approached as an avocation,
not a vocation.
> One must surrender one's self to creativity, rather than
using it for
> mundane ends. The novelist John Gardener, when asked by
young writers how
> one knew when one was a novelist, he replied (as best as I
can remember)
> "You know you are a writer when what ever happens to you
in your life, you
> continue to write. " While it is great to make one's
living with one's
> work, if you want to create something larger than your
own ego, you have
> to aim at some level of transcendence.
> > What is important is that we make the most beautiful
pots that can be
> > made and that we try to improve on them constantly.
> > Surely, its all about the pots.
> > beautiful pots.
> I can agree, if beauty is seen in a very broad
> Three Shaker Guidelines (from the bottom of my web page
> ):
> Industry:
> "Do all your work as if you had a thousand
years to live
> and as if you were to die tomorrow."
> Honesty:
> "Be what we seem to be; and seem to be what we
really are;
> don't carry two faces."
> Functionalism:
> "That which in itself has the highest use
possesses the
> greatest beauty."
> --
> Lee In Mashiko, Japan
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