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further scans of glaze tests... (^6 ox)

updated sun 21 dec 03


Theresa Sandin on sat 20 dec 03

Here is a scan of the glaze formerly misnamed as "Hesselberth's Floating
Green" and which now only goes by the name "Floating Green". See earlier
post for recipe:

This scan is a little "boring" in it's colour, but I don't want to enhance
it into something it is not. It does not have the same veriegation effects
as the first test. I think I might have messed up the 2% titania in the
first batch. If so I will add more titania to this one.

Substitutions: Original recipe says Nepheline Syenite, but I used Soda Spar.



This is a patch of the nearly same C glaze, which has been saturated with
iron oxide, and the bone ash makes it turn a really nice crystalline red.
I will try this one on a whole mug later.

C.20.15.5 ^6 ox:

Soda Spar 50
Dolomite 20
China Clay 15
Bone Ash 10
Silica 5

I have also tried Mike Baileys MM2 (Magnesia Matte 2 - Dolomite instead of
magnesite and whiting) but I don't have the item with me for scanning,
because it is stuck to the shelf!! I apparently applied it too thickly. On
my first test tile, I applied it way too thinly, and it turned a grayish
pink. I thought that was nice, but not what it was supposed to do, so I
applied it thicker. Unfortunately, I did that to a small jag made out of
Wagner's semi-porcelain ^6 which always makes glazes run. I guess it's the
feldspar in the clay. Well, it is VERY nice, all lilac, bright crystals,
so big you can see them with your eyes, and where thin the cobalt makes it
just blue. The shifting is really nice. Everything is nice. Except that
it's now stuck to the shelf.

When scan arrives it will be here:

I don't know if I can write Mike's recipe here, so I won't. But I will
scan it as soon as it becomes un-stuck.

By the way, buy his book. It's really inexpensive, and has for the first
time explained to me the secrets or crackling that goes away with copper
added, how micro-crystalline glazes work, gloss vs matte, etc. Very good
book, and very inexpensive and clear. Love it!

Merry X-mas everyone!