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packing materials (was shipping charges) & marketing!

updated sat 20 dec 03


Susan Fox-Hirschmann on fri 19 dec 03

Because I use many 6.0 cu ft boxes, i buy them wholesale from a supplier for
1/2 the price of other places. I have to place a $150. min. order, but they
deliver as well as the other size boxes I use and white newsprint and
But my very BEST source of packaging materials comes from my neighbors. Of
course, all my neighbors catalog purchases boxes and their packing material get
reused when I ship smaller orders. Often when I notice a new neighbor moving
in, I will stop to greet them and tell them I can use all their packing
supplies if they want to get rid of them. I offer to take them away in my big van.
They are usually delighted with the welcome and happy to get the stuff out of
their homes. Of course I have one FULL basement when this happens but am
grateful and usually end up giving them a small vase in appreciation for all the
packaging materials.........and then these new neighbors usually end up showing
up at one of my studio shows and buying something from me! this has led to
many a new customer!

packaging materials and marketing...who would have thought the two could be
so intertwined!?

Annandale, VA