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packing materials (was shipping charges)

updated mon 22 dec 03


E.G. Yarnetsky on thu 18 dec 03

Peanuts are easy to get free. Bubble wrap is harder and you need to
make sure it isn't too worn out. Try any gift type shops in your area
- when they get their big orders in the are always lots of packing
materials they are glad to have taken away. Bookstores are good for
heavyweight boxes. I've heard there's some good packing foam from
carpet places (heard here on clayart of course)

One great source I have used for bubble wrap when I am hauling pieces
to shows and will reuse them myself is cut up used pool covers. These
last for years!

Darlene Yarnetsky in Madison IN where it keeps changing from rain to
snow and back again. Glad I don't have to travel today! on fri 19 dec 03

One of the best sources for good sturdy boxes are your local flower shops.
Heavy glass vaseware comes in reasonable size boxes, frequently with good
cardboard dividers. Many times I just give my florist friend a vase or two
for a load of boxes and we're both very happy.

Sara O'Neill
Geometrix Clay Designs
Durham, NC

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Lois Ruben Aronow on sun 21 dec 03

I do a lot of shipping, and found that, for me, it is best to just buy
the peanuts from a packing supply store. I get a six foot tall bag
for under $20. =20

I used to scavenge my peanuts, but found it wasn't worth my time to
spend entire days running around looking for them.=20

I also started buying my boxes. Equally inexpensive, and a new box
makes a good impression when you're sending to a customer. I *will*
recycle and re send boxes I receive for sending out gallery orders.

I use Cornell Robbins (they are a few blocks from my studio, and
deliver almost instantly) for my packing supplies, but there is also
ULine ( and Fetpak (

Lois Ruben Aronow
Modern Porcelain and Tableware