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shipping charges + free packing materials

updated thu 18 dec 03


Michael Wendt on wed 17 dec 03

We have charts from both the post office and UPS. We charge the actual cost
of the shipping rather than some percentage of the sale plus 10% to pack the
item and $3.00 to take it to the post office or UPS. All our studio prices
are strictly cash and carry.
If you feel uncomfortable asking for packing charges, raise all your prices
by a dollar and then give a discount for cash and carry requiring no packing
or shipping. People love a bargain.
I have always pointed out to people that packing is one of our
specialties... that we routinely ship thousands of packages a year and it is
worth a few dollars extra to have the shipment double guaranteed. We say...
" insure it and if the claim is not honored due to poor packing, we will
replace it free including the shipping."
That generates another 10% of revenue on each pot and more important, we
want to be sure the pots wind up in the hands of new people who may then
become customers too if they like what they get.
Free packing materials are often readily available in most areas by
contacting either the solid waste disposal dump and letting them know that
you accept styrofoam peanuts and bubble pack. Then they inform their clients
who bring it to you instead of paying the land fill for disposal and it
stays in use.
One caution: Stay clear of the biodegradable peanuts. They melt if they get
wet and worse, mice love them and as we all know, mice also deposit their
wastes wherever they are so they can ruin a whole bag of styro just for a
Michael Wendt
Wendt Pottery
2729 Clearwater Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501
now all we need is to find a source for free bubble wrap and peanuts.
anybody out there got any ideas?

Leland Hall
Before The Wheel Enterprises
Raku Pottery and Sculpture
in snowy snowy, cold and beatiful La Pine Oregon