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ok.packing materials ordered

updated wed 17 dec 03


mel jacobson on tue 16 dec 03

ok, ok.
got the bull by the ass.
it is moving fast, but i have it.

called liten paper company, minneapolis, industrial division.
talked to tina.
she has newsprint in 24x36, fifty pound packages.
12 bucks. or any other size i want.
tissue, the same way.
rolls of newsprint. any size.
wholesale only. but, then, i have a business.
signed on the books.
back the pickup to the dock..they load it.
they also have bulk tape, bags, peanuts, foam,
bubble wrap...any size.
so there.
i am going to be a modern guy.
but, will keep newspapers under the counter, just for those that want
they can wrap their own.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:
or try: