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googlebot and dmoz (was: online sales)

updated wed 17 dec 03


Janet Kaiser on tue 16 dec 03

As a matter of interest, has anyone noticed how out of date the
"images" section is on google? They have images still indexed,
which have been non-existent for weeks and months in some cases.
Some of my early stuff from several web sites is still listed,
but it is well over a year now since that material was removed. I
notice a lot of my searches for images also appear as unavailable
and do wonder at how they go about indexing them as opposed to
html and htm pages.

Another good way of getting a foot on the ladder, is to register
with dmoz. But there again... Wasn't it set up and sponsored by
Netscape? Will it be around much longer? It would be a great
shame if it disappeared, because it was a great way of involving
real people in the task of listing websites.

That is so cool IMHO... Once again, giving my prejudices away!
Fancy preferring living, breathing flesh and blood to


Janet Kaiser -- trying very hard indeed to resist the marzipan
shapes and chocolate dominos leering at me from the table...
Bugger Atkins and Weight Watchers, I'll just have another one...!

>A googlebot is a program from google that retrieves information
>websites for google's index. It downloads information off your
site to
>google's computers so that the information can be categorized,
rated, and
>provided to google's users based on their searches.
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