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fw: fw: axner response to "frema or axner"

updated tue 16 dec 03


Earl Brunner on sun 14 dec 03

My son works for Dell, he has a lot to do with the overseas parts of
Dell. Most big companies now are multi-national in their dealings. MOST
computers are made with at least some parts from outside the U. S. in
fact I would like to know the name of just ONE brand that is completely
made in the U.S. with U.S. parts. So when this came up, I asked him for
his take on it. His reply is below.

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Dell computers are not all made overseas. All of our
desktops are made right here in Texas. In fact, I
believe that we are the only major computer
manufacturer that still manufactures computers in the
US--I believe that the other major manufacturers even
have their desktops manufactured in Asia.

Much of the value of a computer comes back to the US,
even on computers sold outside of the US--Intel and
Microsoft are probably the two largest suppliers, in
dollar terms, on any box.

Also, the real shift is to Asia, not Mexico--Nafta
isn't really the relevant issue.

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> Glad to hear this. I was disappointed to hear that
> Dell computers are
> all
> made overseas. I don't want to be protectionist
> but I am getting irate
> about all of our offshore companies that take the
> jobs and the taxes and
> expect us to support them as well as the loopholes
> in Nafta that make
> competition impossible. Three cheers for Howard
> for this.
> Linda
> Ithaca, NY