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michael wendt tattoo artist

updated mon 15 dec 03


clennell on sun 14 dec 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

> The pot bottom needs to be burnished as flat and as smooth as possible to
> allow clear printing.
> Your bottom stamp can be quite beautiful. I did mine with a calligraphy pen
> in a circle so it looks interesting and people want to read it. It has my
> signature as well as what the pot is made of and the contact information...
> a kind of mini history permanently affixed to the piece.
> Regards,
> Michael Wendt
> Wendt Pottery

Dear Michael: I can think of nothing more horrible than putting a magnetic
ink rubber stamp to the bottom of a pot. This sounds like ware destined for
a gift shop at Niagara Falls. Can you imagine a Shimoaka plate, a Micheal
Simon persian jar, a Elaine Coleman teapot with a tattoo such as you've
described. The putting of an e-mail address on the bottom of a pot is just
too over the top . I understand and love marketing but I think these tattoos
would devalue the work. I'll subscribe to the "you can't be too accessible
At 52 I've never adorned the body ink.
P.S Keep guard of my favourite woodfire clay- Helmer.