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updated mon 15 dec 03


=?iso-8859-1?q?sally=20Bazett?= on sun 14 dec 03

I first became aware of Mick Casson when i was on a
government run throwing course (for the unemployable!)
I took 'the Craft of the Potter'out of the local
libary and was instantly inpressed by the amount of
information carried in this thin book.

Later on that year I met him at a conference when his
fantastically generous nature amazed me- here was I, a
'little' person, in the presence of a great man and he
was treating me like an equal! He took great pleasure
in passing his knowledge on, but not from a 'Godly'
position. In fact his humour and jesting nature made
me realise what a wonderful world being a potter was
and how much I wished to be part of it.

I later went to college where i came in contact with
many other inflences both directly, indirectly and

But overall upon reflection it was Mick Casson and
'the Craft of the Potter' that were to change my life
the most and set me on my present course (and the one
i have followed for 15 years)

I mourne the great man, feel the greatest sympathy for
Shelia and his family and feel sorrow for those in the
the future who will never have the pleasure of coming
in contact with this giant amongst men. Also I fell
sorrow for the Ceramics world who has lost one of its
greatest champions.

With regards

Sally/ Sarah (Sandi) from the green hills of
Gloucestershire- enticed from lurcking

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