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updated sun 14 dec 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 12 dec 03

This is so cool...elegant...

Perfect - !

Happy Hollidays Mel...!

And all...!

Las Vegas

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From: "mel jacobson"

> i do not doubt that the economy is getting back in good
> the buyers are out, in droves.
> i have stood in my studio for 11 hours straight.
> not one break, took a pee in 4 p.m. (note plumbing is in
good shape)
> folks did not blink at spending 200 bucks.
> pots went out the door.
> i had everyone that walked in give me their email address.
> i am going to start that data base.
> send one email when i open a kiln.
> most folks were excited about that...`hey mel, you mean
> we do not have to wait for a sale.?`
> `yep, just show up as i unload the kiln, i will send you
an email`.
> `hey, can write down my cousin's email address too?`
> `yep`.
> so it goes.
> why sell in a mall, home is just great.
> they don't eat snacks, they don't drink wine.
> they grab pots...get in line.
> i just turned off the lights...put on my slippers.
> and counted money.
> mel
> tomorrow we do it all over again.
> now i have to send a pot to toni smith... for her new
> i sure am glad that wonderful lady is feeling better.
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