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the importance of marketing

updated fri 12 dec 03


Earth and Fire Pottery on thu 11 dec 03

Hello everyone-

It's been a long time since i've written, due to a considerable schedule, but marketing is something i really warm up to.
As has been stated before, you can't do enough marketing. You can't sell if no one knows you are out there.

As Vince said, and i think it bears repeating, newsletters are a very effective way to keep your customers informed as to what you are doing, year round. It is a truism that a customer buys the artist as well as the art, and I publish a monthly e-newsletter to those on my mailing list who get e mail. I share whatever is going on in the studio or at the college, what my studio cats were up to, the latest designs, etc. Two months ago, it was a pictoral look at the 'Great Kiln Adventure', the moving of a kiln 40 miles to my cabin studio. And there was a pictoral look at the LaCrosse Conference in June. The feedback i get from this is tremendous, and it does help sales.
I have also found that the postcards I make are the best business cards there are! They are standard post card size, with two color pictures on the front, with all my business information on the back in the upper left hand corner. This have an immediate impact on folks who do not know me yet. I go through several thousand in 6 months.
Ask for one at NCECA!

Advertise any way you can. I'm going to borrow Tony's idea about promoting each artist in the newspaper. I'm part of an artists group on Cobb Mountain here in Northern California, and we do open studio tours, and advertise the group. Now i want more space.Thanks tony!

Advertising works! Take out an ad in your local newspaper if you have to, put out flyers, talk yourself up. It's a penny in the bank each time you do.

Kind Regards


Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
PO Box 402
Whispering Pines, Ca. 95426

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