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missing in hamer & hamer

updated fri 12 dec 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 11 dec 03

Dear Jorge

A good idea to list "missing items" for Janet and Frank Hamer to
add to their "Potters Dictionary of Materials and Techniques".
However, you may be a little late now. In their round-robin
letter enclosed with their Christmas card to Eckhard and me, they
mention that the publishing of the 5th Edition has been "delayed"
for 18 months, "but it is now finally sorted and ready for off".
That means they have finished writing and it has already been or
will shortly be sent to A & C Blacks. They also thank Jan
Mitchell, their copy editor as "the best we have ever had", so it
sounds cut and dried to me.

I don't believe it is amiss to pass this news on to potters
around the world... And I find it pretty amazing to think this is
the 28th year of their marathon work... Kudos to both of them
even attempting to do such thorough revisions on each edition --
it is something which others should learn when publishing a new
"edition" which is often little more than a make-over or a
reprint! I remember my copy of the FIRST edition with great
affection and considerable regret... May the person who
"borrowed" it and "forgot" to return it to me, boil in Hades!!!
It represented a considerable investment at the time, which will
have to be repeated at some point in the future thanks to them.

BTW they did not answer my question about a Spanish edition of
the Dictionary. Sorry! Will ask again in our Christmas letter to


Janet Kaiser


>Clayarters,I was given a little Cobalt Sulfate and wondered how
to use it
>and what the concerns about toxicity.
>So I picked up Hamer and looked for it.Never found a clue.
>A friend asked for Macaloid and not knowing exactly the answer I
did a
>search in Hamer and couldnt find an answer.
>Later i found a reference of it but you had to know it was a
>So I=B4m asking you, what else you couldn=B4t find that you
>important, so we can make a list and send them
>a suggestion of additions?????
>Jorge en Buenos Aires enjoying spring

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