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spectrum stain question

updated tue 9 dec 03


Jerry Dean on mon 8 dec 03

Found a bunch of old Spectrum Stain jars in the studio.......about 10 years
old. No directions on what to use them with. I tried just water, but didn't
melt correctly.......what else should I add...a frit and GB ? and what
percentage to what ? Thanks Jerry

Derrick Pottery - owner - Wesley Derrick on mon 8 dec 03

It really depends on it's intended application and finished look.
Generally......Prepared liquid stains already have a small amount of flux
added. You'll need to test and find the amount that gives you the look you
are after.
Ferro Frit 3124 can be used as a flux to mix with the stains. 85 stain/15
flux is a good starting point for testing.
You could also try using Gerstley borate as the flux.

The more flux added the glossier it becomes.

Hope this helped. Happy firing.

Wesley Derrick
in Raymond Mississippi
Derrick Pottery
Raku & Earthenware