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predictable unpredicability: why i fire the min

updated tue 9 dec 03


Craig Edwards on sun 7 dec 03

Yes Earl; it is ingaging in high risk behaviour. Caution, it may be
addicting (not, maybe, it is).
It will make your electric kiln look as exciting as yesterdays dish water.
Craig Edwards
New London MN

Earl Krueger wrote:

> So, lets see if I got this straight.
> Me and my electric kiln are like a cross country skier;
> steady, dependable, predictable.
> Whereas you and your wood kilns are like down hill racers.
> Sometimes you get to the bottom and sometimes you don't.
> But either way you have one hell of a ride.
> Is that it?
> Hmmm, maybe I'll see if I can weasel my way in on one of
> Odin's firings. I'm due for a wild ride. What's the best bribe
> to a wood firer?
> Earl...
> Bothell, WA, USA
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