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glazes, give credit

updated tue 9 dec 03


mel jacobson on mon 8 dec 03

just want to piggy back on alisa's post.

please, share credit for everything.
if it is your invention, and you are confident
that it is...well name it after yourself. in most
cases, glazes `get` named for the potter, but
usually by others.

my orange glaze got named `mel's orange` by someone
else. it does not bother me that it is spread around. it
makes me smile when i see that name on it.
i rather doubt that i was the first. but, i know that
i worked on that glaze for four years. when i got it, just
right...i opened cm and there it was on the cover. made
by someone else. (but the recipe was not in the magazine)

another time i saw all of my glazes on pots in a `claytimes` article,
used the same way i use them. not a word of credit, and it just
happened that it was about a year after i had published them, and
the way to use them, in cm. that pissed me just a bit. it would
have been very simple to mention the source of the glazes....and,
not let the audience assume that this was based on years of dedicated
research. if you publish, you more than lose control of your ideas.
but, good people, with dignity, will always give credit.

clayart is an open forum, but still, no one has the right to assume
there is no copyright. the archives always let us know who started
a thread, who published a recipe, who had an original idea.

if you want to be an active member like alisa, and give your work
and ideas to the is a noble effort, but, it will never
land applause on you. (alisa does not seek applause, or credit.)
same with taking others ideas and keeping
them for yourself. you will be spanked. what goes around, comes
around. so, be careful and always try to the best of your ability
to share credit. it is just the clayart way.
it is our life blood.
giving credit to others, always showers integrity on you.
it lifts, it does not destroy.

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