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kilns/part two

updated thu 4 dec 03


mel jacobson on wed 3 dec 03


change places for a few minutes.

think of skutt....many years making a good
product. they stand behind it.
they have sold to thousands of hobby potters, teachers,
schools that do not have a clue what a kiln is, or
what they should do to maintain it.
send it back.

i have had a skutt 181 since 1968. it still works.
have put in one set of coils. i use it for bisque only.
i have a 1970 L&L that the liwicky boys saw when they
were babies. the dad built this one. it still runs like a top.
i got it free. did the new coils,some new wires, itc and it is a champ.

the L&L company has two owners that got the company from
their dad. they are doing their best to bring this company into
the 21st century. i applaud them.
it is not easy.

i have moved to owning a business. and, it is daunting.
it can go south in a heart beat. the best plans made, can
just flop.

and, in this time of law suits, courts, complaints at every turn...well,
owning a kiln manufacturing company must be `hell on wheels`.
one does not take chances. you stay on firm ground.
itc scares the hell out of them. it is an anomaly. it should not
work, but does. so, most of them let the customer do the work.
and, i would guess that is the best way.
howard axner has worked with nils, feriz and has learned what to do
with it. and, it has worked for him. others may follow later, but
it will take time. i respect that.
so, the next time your kiln is not perfect, does not do what
you think it should do, analyze it. think and learn. read.
talk to others. post clayart. you may find the answer..and,
it might just be your error.
it does happen.
i know, i have screwed up more than most, but then,
i have been alive a long time...lots of chances.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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