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sub for frit 3134/cone5 and cone 10 glaze recipes

updated mon 1 dec 03


Krista Peterson on sun 30 nov 03

Hello everyone,
I hope I am doing this right as I've never done this before and am a bit of a computer
'tard. But here goes. By the time I get a response to this question the store will
be open and I can just get some Frit 3134 but it would be nice to know just the
same. Which frit would best be substituted for Frit 3134? Also, I am looking for
some cone 5 and cone 10 recipes for glazes that break over texture in an interesting
manner. I have Shaner's Red to Gold already and some other Shaner glazes but those
are cone 10. I am not going to have a chance to test the cone 10 glazes first so
they have to be pretty reliable and consistent. The tests will be on the pieces
themselves. Risky, I know but I figure since I am the goose that lays the golden
egg I can always make another if they completely suck. And I will learn so much!