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need small amt. of matte ^6 glaze

updated tue 2 dec 03


nancy patterson on sun 30 nov 03

Hello All,
I am throwing some pieces in a brown ^6 clay, and am then
attaching/decorating them with small slabs of white ^6 clay...I want to
glaze the white clay with a matte glaze a turquoise or light/bright green
matte glaze would be great and maybe also a bright orange or red.
Can anyone can suggest a simple quick and easy recipe, or some
pre-made glazes I can purchase since I probably only need 8 0z or so.
Thanx Nancy

Alisa Clausen on mon 1 dec 03

Dear Nancy,
I am responding to the idea that a small amount of glaze means quick and

I am also responding to an earlier post where the writer wanted just some
recipes that will work because there was no time to test.

Do not misunderstand me. My mission is not to discourage, but the contrary.
I think it would be a disservice for you if anyone sent you recipes and said
these will work.

A small batch of glaze of a recipe not tested, does not make it more of a
sure fit than a large batch of an untested recipe.

Even store bought glazes will "work" as they will melt at the temperature
range on the label. However, application, firing ramp, cooling, clay body
and kiln atmosphere (plus other conditions) will affect the appearance of
the glaze. The glaze may be called matte turquoise, but according to your
application, it could fire brown.

As far as my experience is, the only quick and easy, sure fire glaze recipe
is any frit raku glaze. Thanks Steve.
It is important, I think, to underline, that testing glazes is the only,
only way to make the glazes that will work for your pots.
A fired result from your kiln in your hand, in my opinion, has true value,
much more than believing "this should work, this is supposed to work, etc."
I guess that is where they mean the proof is in the pudding.

To get started, it is simple, but takes planning and time. I hope for your
future projects that you will be able to have the time to make the tests.
Clayart cannot give you time but we can give you a lot of help and support.

regards from Alisa in Denmark