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comment on cone 6 wood fired glaze in ceramics monthly

updated mon 1 dec 03


Randy McCall on sun 30 nov 03

For some reason I was having trouble getting Richard Busch's Nutmeg Glaze to
turn out as pictured in Ceramics Monthly. I was only getting a nice clear
glaze with a hint of brown. It appeared from the glaze I was not getting
enough color from the 1.07% rio and the 4.85% yellow ocher.

From the archives it also appeared that Pat Rogers was also having the same
problem. I tried experimenting with the glaze. Substituted the Kentucky
Ball Clay for Redart, left out the iron oxide, and added 2% Bone ash. I had
read somewhere on clayart that bone ash gave a redder red so I tried it.???
All other chemicals remained the same.

Seems to have come out perfect for me with this adjustment. The glaze is
not real fussy about application although I usually just use one coat.

It also works great under Wo Do White. Gives a cream breaking red effect
making the white a more light tan. I usually spray a thin coat of Wo Do
White. If you get it too heavy it will cause craters in any crevices. The
Wo Do White gives nice variations and patterns if used in different
thicknesses. Seems to work best over this variation of nutmeg if sprayed.
I have not tried mixing it with the White Satin Matt provided by Richard.

The glaze is very similar to what is on the vase on John Anthony's Home

Thought I would share this with everyone that has been so helpful to me
during the past year that I have gotten back into pottery.

Hope it will prove helpful to anyone that was having the same problem as I
was having.

My variation of Richard's Nutmeg.

Dolomite 23.3
Spodumene 23.3
Frit 3134 6.8
Redart 23.3
Silica 23.3

Add 3.24 Yellow Ocher
Tin Oxide 4.85
Bone Ash 2.0

Randy McCall