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cm december, cover/clennell article

updated fri 28 nov 03


Sandi Finney on thu 27 nov 03

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:27:46 -0500, John Anthony

>Apropos of nothing, I want to let folks know that the cover article in
>December's Ceramics Monthly
>is written by my wife, Marilyn. It is an article about Neil Patterson,
>who was my first throwing teacher, and the
>person who introduced me to woodfiring. The article focuses on how
>integrates his teaching and potting
>There's also a great Tony Clennell piece on handles- I don't know
>number of thousands I'm up to, but I know
>it's not enough yet.
>good pots, great firing, and where appropriate Happy Thanksgiving
>John Anthony
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The article about Tony Clennell just made me grin - last year I made
the brave decision to stop "attaching" handles and begin to pull them.
Shut myself up in the studio for long hours of practice, practice,
practice. Am I known within the ceramics community to have anyone
recognize my handles by "feel"? Not yet, but the time spent in the
practice did wonders for the ware. Like Tony, I too look to handles as
an enhancement to my ware - mostly because now I can do this with
Sandi Finney
Hole Pottery