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drooling over images and stuff in magazines

updated thu 27 nov 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 27 nov 03

I have a BIG FAVOUR to ask of some willing and kind soul who has
(a) access to a scanner (b) subscribes to Ceramics Monthly,
Pottery Making Illustrated, or any other ceramic magazines which
regularly crop up "in conversation" (c) capability/ability to set
up a "bulk E-mail account" and last but by no means least (d)
time and patience... Or a pet slave to do the work!

Would you then like to volunteer to send a few of the "out of
state/country" Clay buddies an image of what is being talked
about? Including me?!? I would be really obliged, as I know a
couple of others would too.

I do not currently subscribe to any magazine except CRAFTS
(published by the Craft Council of Great Britain), but would be
willing to scan and send any (past, present & future) "images
under discussion" should they take place via Clayart, to anyone
who cares to send me a request to do so. This will NOT include
any "outsider" who picks up on this message via a search or who
posts to the list with a one-off request for this or that (been
there, done that, got the T-shirt, but not even a civil thank you

I cannot imagine sending images to a circle of friends would be
some dreadful breach of copyright either, as the images would not
be used for anything other than "private use", not publishing or
reselling. Neither would it affect sales of the publications in
question as it would be to those who cannot or do not subscribe
or have access to single copies. Given enough interest, it could
even INCREASE sales as people realise the quality of work
published. Yes? No?

Anyway, it is a thought. If anyone is willing to fit the bill on
various other magazines, please let me know. Maybe just a
reciprocal one-to-one arrangement would be a start? Many thanks!


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forecast for high the ground tomorrow! No wonder my feet are cold
as ice sitting here...
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