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isbn (was: favorite pottery books?)

updated wed 26 nov 03


Janet Kaiser on wed 26 nov 03

Do not forget that the ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
system was only introduced in 1970. Books published before then
will not have an ISBN. The exception are *sometimes* pre 1970
books which have been REpublished, although do not depend upon
that, especially in the first few years.

Apparently finding out of print English language books (published
in the UK) via will become easier following a recently
struck deal with the British Library. No Ivor, don`t worry, the
British Library is NOT selling off its millions of books (enough
to stock a book shop five miles long). The deal will just make
their comprehensive catalogue available via the Amazon web site
and facilitate researchers, collectors and others looking for
books by subject, author or whatever. Antiquarian book sellers
are already worried about the impact on their venerable trade.


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