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crackle glaze posters

updated tue 25 nov 03


Ann Brink on sun 23 nov 03

Hi all,

I had been looking at Brian Gartside's website, and ordered his set of three
posters. They arrived last week, and looking at them has really pushed my
imagination in a different direction. I think I was starting to feel in a
rut, making the usual things, and I find myself excited again, at the
prospect of experimenting with MELTING STUFF, and having real surprises

Each poster shows 30 samples of crackle glazes, achieved with extremely
simple recipes, at cones 2-8. Of course I won't be expecting to duplicate
any of these, but am sure to learn a lot as I try my own combinations.

Good firings, and Happy Thanksgiving to all..
Ann Brink in Lompoc CA, where we covered the hibiscus & sheffelera plants
last night, thinking it might freeze.