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new book ed. de waal/noguchi/kilns of denmark

updated sat 22 nov 03


karen gringhuis on fri 21 nov 03

Thames & Hudson has just published Edmund de Waal's
"20th Century Ceramics." I read it cover to cover
after hearing his lecture presenting some of it at
SOFA. IMHO it's very good & very interesting. NOT
your average history. IMHO he does a great job of
putting things in context and crams a lot into a
single paragraph. It incl. a bibliography for further

I was particularly interested in his discussion of
Noguchi, Yagi and Sodeisha (sp?)about which I had
never learned. The book from the current show
"Noguchi and Contemp. Japanese Ceramics" (?) by Louise
Cort discusses this also. Interesting that both books
appear at the same time and both certainly expanded my

Put these together with "The Kilns of Denmark" show
catalog which incl. a major essay with serious
background info. and suddenly there's a lot more to
think about starting with "why do ceramics from any
given country look like they do?" For info, this show
is currently at the Racine Museum of Art but I don't
know the rest of its itinerary.

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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