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clayarters and the philly museum show

updated sat 22 nov 03


Lois Ruben Aronow on fri 21 nov 03

Just wanted to give a brief thanks to the ClayArters who were kind
enough to stop by and say hi to me at the Philly Museum of Art Craft
show. It was so cool to actually meet people face to face!

The show was a mind blower. I have only done a handful (4, to be
exact) shows before this one, and was a bit nervous. But I felt like
my booth looked good, and so did my work. I sold so much stuff it
only took me a half hour to break down my booth when the show was
over. I made friends and contacts. Boy, do they treat the artist
well there! There was an artist rest area in the back with seats and
fresh flowers and food and coffee and tea - all day long. I am
spoiled! Took orders, and the free time I thought I'd have when the
show was over is non-existant. I can't complain.

I am also pleased to add 2 more electric firers to my list. Fong
Choo, who fires his delightful little teapots at ^6 (in porcelain) and
Sandra Byers, who's lovely work and spirit made a huge impression on
me. Her micro crystalline pieces sparkled like jewels under her
lights. Fong, by the way, won the prize for Best Ceramics. =20

I checked out the auction at the Clay Studio. I have never seen so
much wonderful work in one place. Very inspiring. =20

A note to Colorado ClayArters: if you are near Pueblo, stop by the
Sangre de Christo Art Center for their annual "Own Your Own" show.
(shameless plug: my work is in the show). The Sangre de Christo Art
Center is, in my opinion, one of the best craft museums I have ever
been to, and the Own Your Own is always beautifully curated. Their
children's museum is a real treat. Tile makes will want to see the
handmade tile at the Museum and at the Zoo - amazing!

Lois Ruben Aronow
Modern Porcelain and Tableware

The Tattoo is back!