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an awesome day at the salt kiln

updated fri 21 nov 03


Brian Haviland on thu 20 nov 03

Hi clay-junkies

I had the most wonderful experience Wednesday evening at a
salt firing done by a local Potter Scott Shaffer in Centerville Indiana.
He just finished building the kiln last week and also has a nice sturdy
wood shelter w/ metal roof to protect from weather. He did a regular glaze
fire to break it in and then last night he let me assist in salting the
load in the kiln.
IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!! Used about 65 lbs of salt starting when ^ 8 was
starting to bend until ^ 10 was at about 3 o'clock.He put little unglazed
rings in
by the cone packs so he could monitor the salt deposits on the pieces inside.
Pull one out every-other time you salt and inspect it . COOL STUFF!!! I
took a bunch
of pics of the firing and will post them to clay art (somehow) with Scotts
I get so overwhelmed by all this new discovery. Another path to possibly
choose from.
I just know that when i choose that path that i will definitely share my
with newbys to the craft. I really envy folks like Mayor Mel and Vince P.
they get to give people Highs on a weekly basis. Can't wait to watch the
kiln being
unloaded. He also had a nice bowl that Byron Temple had made on his last
visit to
his studio. I'm sure it will end up being scotts favorite piece. OK OK i'll
stop now..
Just had to let my clay family know how i'm doing..Have a wonderful
week..Can't wait
until NCECA comes to town.

Brian Haviland

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