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clay it forward/book

updated thu 20 nov 03


Joyce Lee on wed 19 nov 03

A thoughtful donor has purchased a book which
the donor finds pretty much repeats the information
found in another book recently added=20
to the D's
personal collection.

The book is "The Potter's Guide to Throwing" by
Josie Warshaw and Richard Phethean. The
donor would like the recipient to be a claybud
residing in Canada. The book is described as
a "small but excellent book for a beginner or
an intermediate potter...... with great photographs
of pots being thrown as well as finished pieces.

Please e-mail me directly if you qualify and
would find this book helpful.

In the Mojave where the Cactus Lady planted
40 baby golden barrel cacti yesterday...... some
more agave (7, I think) and 5 red barrel plus
a yucca tree. It's satisfying to
see the sun on the goldens.
The westie helped Rick dig holes, and made
her usual rounds this morning giving sugar to
each of the new cactus. Then the Man came
to install the ramp so that #1 Support Person
can take the scooter outside ...... seems to
give him a greater sense of freedom ..... and
THAT's what it's all about, eh?