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21st century ceramics exhibition

updated mon 17 nov 03


Vince Pitelka on sat 15 nov 03

I just got back from Columbus, OH to see the 21st Century Ceramics =
exhibition. Wow, what a show! I was amazed at the way they used the =
space to maximum advantage. We are talking about 500 pieces by 250 =
artists, and there were very few instances where the pieces really felt =
crowded. I think that Bill Hunt and the exhibition crew at CCAD did a =
sensational job. =20

There is no doubt that a few participants sent work that was not the =
best of what they are doing currently, and that is a real shame. I =
wonder why they would embarass themselves that way, especially in a =
major national venue that is documented in a significant color catalog? =
But for the most part the work was excellent, representing the best =
current work by each artist. =20

This exhibition only runs through December 7th. If you are within 500 =
miles of Columbus Ohio, and you miss the chance to see this exhibition, =
you are missing an important opportunity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime =
chance to see 250 major contemporary American and Canadian ceramic =
artists all exhibited simultaneously in one venue. This exhibition is =
not to be missed. =20

If one thinks of this as some representation of the most important =
American and Canadian ceramic artists of the early 21st century, then =
there were many obvious ommissions. Instead, this should be seen as a =
sampling of important American and Canadian ceramic artists of the early =
21st century. Among those consipicuously absent were Jack Earl, Viola =
Frey, Jim Connell, Adrian Saxe, Otto Heino, James Tanner, Ron Nagel, Bob =
Brady, Roxanne Swentzell, Jim Leedy, Mark Burns, Arthur Gonzales, Winnie =
Owens Hart, Michael Sherrill, Jane Shellenbarger, Gail Kendall, Julia =
Galloway, Tony and Shiela Clennell, John Rolloff, and so many others. I =
do not fault the presenters and organizers for that, but again, it is =
important to see this exhibition as a SAMPLING of important Canadian and =
American ceramic artists from the early 21st century. =20

Go see this show if you possibly can. And while you are at it, go next =
door and see the Lino Tagliapietra glass exhibition at the Columbus =
Museum of Art. =20
- Vince

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