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why do sour cherries guffaw at geegees? (was re: texas candle light)

updated fri 14 nov 03


Janet Kaiser on thu 13 nov 03

Just take a tiny peek into the archives, Tony, and you will see
why... This is one of the evergreen, perennial and most discussed
topics... Talk about demographics, FAQ and other strategic number
crunching exercises... I bet the Giffin Grip (GG) is high on the
most frequently discussed subjects.

And what does the Giffin Grip have in common with parsnips and/or
brocolli? Yup! You either love 'em or hate them! Seems to be no
middle measure, so yawl be good and not get into a tizzwozz about
those on the other side of the fence! OK? You use one Xty times a
day... Fine. You would not have one in your workshop... Fine. Who
cares? Certainly not worth having a punch-up about it...

BTW President Bush apparently hates brocolli... Say no more...
Lot of angry brocolli farmers in the USA! :o)


Janet Kaiser - who adores brocolli and parsnips, but has never
set eyes on a GG... However, it reminds me of the old joke...

Question: How do you describe a hungry horse in just four
Answer: MTGG

Ha! Ha! It's the way I tell 'em! Innit?

>What do you mean by "Giffin troubles- oh my, every thing is
right in the
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