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teapot on stove

updated fri 14 nov 03


F. Chapman Baudelot on thu 13 nov 03

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Mel, I can believe that you generously gave the well-heeled lady doctor a=
new teapot, but not that she would actually demand free replacement of=20
'faulty' ware after 20 years of misuse! I really cannot think of anything=
offhand (except some roof shingles) that has a 20 year warranty!

My ex used to treat teapots in much the same way although he did not=20
actually boil in them except by mistake, just wanted to keep the tea very=20
hot for hours, and managed to crack a beautiful teapot he had bought from=20
another potter in less than a week. I made him one which was still okay=20
after about 3 years and may still be going strong for all I know, but I=20
would never guarantee it.

Once again there has been talk on the list about flameware. Here in Spain,=
and in other mediterranean countries, I believe, flameware is and always=20
has been used. It is lowfire and usually glazed inside and out. Most of=
it is now industrially made and it is not at all expensive. I have several=
pieces which I use both in the oven and on the stove top gas flame. I know=
that after a lot of use, hairline cracks might appear on the bottom, but=20
even so the piece will not explode and one can continue to use it=20
safely. However, since it is so cheap, it is better to replace the pot=20
when it cracks. I made a few pieces for myself but the clay, containing=20
cordierite, was too pricey to be economical. I did make a teapot which I=20
CAN boil water in, but unfortunately I went and dropped the lid in the sink=
and it is now a little chipped, but i still use it on a daily basis.

Of course, people are not inclined to sue each other over here.

Fran=E7oise in Spain =20

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