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crackle glazes -- reitz green

updated fri 14 nov 03


Ted Whittemore on wed 12 nov 03

Reitz Green is an almost a shino according to my recipe, except fo
the whiting, with a small amount of Copper Carb.

Plenty of SiO2, huge Al2O3.

Doubt it will leach.

NephSy 70
Petalite 15
Whiting 5
GB 2
Rutile 2
CuCarb 1

Ted Whittemore

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On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 16:56:58 -0500, Ron Roy wrote:

>The Reitz green is an Oribe type glaze I think - 5 or 5 % copper - right.
>Anyway they are all subject to attack by acidic food - you can probably
>taste the copper in orange juice after only a few minutes.
>Before putting on food bearing surfaces - give it the lemon test.

I looked online and through some of my books, but I cannot for the life of
me find out exactly what an Oribe glaze is. I found plenty of nice photos
but no descriptions. What is the firing range and atmosphere? Is it just the
a standard glaze or is it a regional style?

Chris Clyburn
Currently studying (well taking a break from) for an 8 page 600 location
map test tommorrow from a study guide chalk full of errors. You have to love
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making faulty study guides where half the info that is wrong is not located
_anywhere_ in the course material for corrections...grrrrrrrrr

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