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product quality, was re: commercial kilns/bag walls

updated tue 11 nov 03


wayneinkeywest on mon 10 nov 03

It doesn't matter what the "industry "is doing.
They can make kilns out of cardboard boxes
if they want to. The end user (that's us, folks)
is going to determine if a product is good
or not, and that will affect sales of these
"cardboard kilns" which will eventually get
back to the idiots that designed and
produced them in the first place.

Like a very wise, not so old nordic potter
said recently at a kiln workshop "You are
the ones that are going to go out and
show others how to build these, and they
will carry that knowledge on and build more
after I'm long gone, and so on and so on..."
(My apologies for the paraphrasing).

As long as there are people out here doing
it for "real", (even jacuzzigamas) building
things to last, expanding on but not
abandoning the knowledge that countless
generations have passed on; then there's
hope. Let the uninformed buy their plastic
trinkets and doodads and cardboard kilns.
Those won't last, and then they will come
looking for quality items that have been
here all along.

Wayne Seidl
sipping coffee from a mug his grandfather used
by the pool. 80 degrees @8:30am, sunny, gorgeous day

> i am sure that ivor is correct about bag walls, but remember,
> commercial kilns are moving more and more
> to fiber modules, moving car kilns...not a brick
> to be seen. the entire industry has changed.
> totally.
> mel