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pricing & other information in magazines and journals (was re: fred

updated tue 11 nov 03


Janet Kaiser on tue 11 nov 03


I cannot help Megan, sorry, but your mail brought one of my pet
peeves to mind...

I get really annoyed at the way prices are not generally
mentioned/given in magazines. CM is not as bad as our Ceramic
Review which NEVER publishes prices of work, but it would be so
very useful for everyone if not only the size of work was given,
but also the price or at least a price range. Why don't
publishers and editors do this? I presume it is a leftover from
"gentlemen do not discuss money" and the coyness of artists
"talking money". But it would not only help other potters and
galleries pricing work, but also add historical interest and
perspective IMO...

I think it would also help sales if magazines did a little more
in this area... So often people do not realise just how
affordable pots and ceramic art can be and I bet even amongst
Clayarters, there would suddenly be much more interest in
acquiring the work of "names" if we only knew what sort of prices
they ask for their work. Other specialist magazines such as
computers or cars or indeed any other magazine you care to
mention would not dream of publishing without prices, so why is
art, including ceramics so different?

Another pet peeve I have is the lack of an ISBN reference in the
book reviews... Again I am talking primarily about Ceramic
Review. A letter complaining about this policy went unanswered
(as usual) so I do not know why they continue this sloppy and
most annoying practice. I have come to the conclusion they do not
include the ISBN, because the CPA wants to act as an agent and
hopes their strategy increases book sales to readers... Surely
not what one would expect of a serious international


Janet Kaiser -- down to the last 500+ e-mails!


>I'd love to see one in person and to find out how much they sell
for, they are wonderful! Anyone have any news???

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