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gq & handles for dry mugs

updated tue 11 nov 03


Imbolchottie@AOL.COM on mon 10 nov 03

When I went back to ceramics after a long break my first teacher, who is
Japanese, saw me stressing over handles for mugs and said "Oh, don't worry, only
barbarians use handles." so I took a second class with him. No handles
yee-haw! Third class (new teacher) I walk in, sat down, teacher started talking and
said "By the way, I AM the barbarian you will be making handles for."

I'm still practicing.

Jonathan in Los Angeles
who is gearing up for a ^6 test firing in the gas up-draft with memorial
vases (glaze was '20 x 5' this time it's called '20 x John') and 4 different
batches of Ron and John's MC6G, so Ron expect to hear from me and yes, I've got
about 6 different cone packs lined up for all different positions in the kiln.