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all you need to know about an electric kiln - free hands-on workshop

updated tue 11 nov 03


Lakeside Pottery - Morty Bachar on mon 10 nov 03

Hello potters in the Connecticut / New York are,

Being that Lakeside Pottery's electric kiln is due for an major preventive
maintenance (elements, relays, thermocouple replacements), I thought it
might be an opportunity for some to join in. I am also an Electrical
Engineer in addition to a potter and propose the following:

1) Electrical principals "101"

2) How does a kiln work

3) Electric Kiln Thermodynamics

4) Typical failures and how to prevent them (preventive maintenance)

5) Effect of aging elements and other parts on firing results

6) Hands-on elements, relays and thermocouple replacements

7) Questions and answers

This free workshop is scheduled for this Tuesday (November 11) 1:45PM to
approx. 5:00PM. Maximum number of participants is six.

Hope to see you



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