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what's up with the fleas? (was re: not signing)

updated mon 10 nov 03


Hendrix, Taylor J. on sun 9 nov 03

Thanks Gerry,

I felt myself grow ten years from just reading your post.
I can't wait till you have a question, I suspect I will
grow another ten just reading that. I'm a bit worried,
though. I'm running out of potting time as it is. If I=20
grow anymore up, I'll have to be put down.

In the meantime you may want to acquaint yourself with the
culture of this list a bit longer before you wade into
such significant (ha ha I made a funny) issues, absurd
or otherwise. =20

As to nit picking, I thought that was a real nice way to=20
meet a girl 400 or so years ago. Anyhoo, your advice to
purple the nail by hitting the delete button is a good one
albeit, duh, an old one. Filters make good combs, eh?

Welcome to the list.

Listen hard.

Taylor, in Waco

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I just joined this list group within the past week, searching for
and maybe as I learn I can share some of the knowledge back with others

But, I find this personal nit picking, absurd! Grow up!