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not signing/demographics

updated mon 10 nov 03


Celia Littlecreek on sat 8 nov 03

> I've decided to no longer read any posts from
> anyone whose name is not a noun. So, I can
> talk to myself, and to Lee, and Mark, and Lili,
> and Bill and John(?) and...the Artimator, (if
> he comes back) and...Bob is a verb (oh, and a
> noun, too - OK, he's in), well, Tony
> is an adjective...should I let myself talk to
> Tony? How 'bout it, Lee? Gotta have standards!
> -Snail
> (the artist formerly known as Eleanor Roosevelt)

to Snail:
demographcs..... I am a mature woman living alone in northern Minnesota.
not signing... Snail, my real name is a noun (except when I use Rakuer
which I think is a verb) so I know you will read this email. Thanks for
giving me a cherished opportunity to LAUGH!

Celia Littlecreek
Littlecreeks Uniques