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kiln ratios

updated mon 10 nov 03


Chris Stanley on sun 9 nov 03

This is great; can we start out though with some basic principles of kiln

How about a discussion on ratios of entry to exist dimensions for different
types of kilns?
Wood kilns I have been told must have a 10 to 1 ratio from entry air to
chimney. Is this always true?
Gas kilns are always 1 to 1 air to exhaust?

Thanks! Yet again as the weather changes so do our discussions!

I received most of my training from two texts and actual experience.

The Kiln Book, Materials, Specifications and Construction (Hardcover, 1981)
Author: Frederick Olsen

Dan Rhodes'
Kilns, Design, Construction, & Operation (Hardcover, 1986)
Author: Daniel Rhodes

Currently we are finishing a 50-cf vapor kiln, 10-cf vapor kiln (large one
with side mounted burners, small one with rear mounted burners) The students
are going to decide at the first firings which kiln is the salt and which
one is the soda.
We are also finished with one bourry box kiln (36-cf) that will share a
chimney with (an almost finished) a little anagama (cash got short).
We are also beginning to build the burners for a 120-cf updraft car kiln.
We have also just finished installing two 54 cf Bailey Shuttle kilns and we
are taking them through their paces to see how they handle the West Texas

As an aside, Mel said once: Make pots that will sell in a circle of a
specific mileage around where you live. The circle increases each year if
you keep working. I have applied this philosophy to where I teach and to my
students. It works. Thanks Mel