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updated sun 9 nov 03


Joyce Lee on sat 8 nov 03

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - was it Mishy who started writing =
little post scripts
after her signature ... or was it Joyce? It's my favorite part of many =
postings since I get to
peek into your 'other' personal worlds.

I think both Peggy Heer and Mishy started it about
the same time. Maybe others, too. (In those days
I used my first name ...Meunier .. in my address, as
I recall.) I relished each tidbit gleaned about the Person
behind the Potter ... each tidbit that is, that the
Person might choose to reveal .... figured others
might also.

Since, devoid of personal experience with
clay and
not much more with any kind of art, I had=20
little to offer to the
list...... and so many, many questions .... it
seemed appropriate to let our gurus=20
have some idea to whom they were offering
daily their magnanimous generosity in
helping push&pull me around&over the obstacles
in my path. I'd had much non-art experience,
and had cheerfully made my own way around=20
massive hurdles all my life ...... but
clay&fire&chemistry& form&shape ...... along
with all their
derivatives ..... led to revelations about
myself and life that I cherish....... just as I
cherish the incredible potter friends .... good
friends..... some of whom I've never seen.

I don't think that these years of rich=20
learning,entertainment and joy would have
happened in my retirement
years IF I hadn't revealed some of my life
here in the Mojave. We do seem to respond
to glimpses of the Human Heart, do we not?

In the Mojave desert of California..... two miles
east of Inyokern ..... 10 miles west of
Ridgecrest ..... 30 miles from Trona .... 70
miles south of Lone Pine (Mt. Whitney)..
and 50 miles north of the town of Mojave....
exit 395 ..... turn right....... right again at
the big homemade street sign..... 3/10s of
a mile down that dirt road.... on the left.....
sand-colored rambling stucco house
(once white but
winds change that until the next rain; then
white once more) .... red roof..... arches.......
five scrub acres...... succulent garden of
sorts..... westie guards the property and
its very ordinary inhabitants, so pay heed and be

Lee Love on sun 9 nov 03

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From: "Joyce Lee"

>here in the Mojave. We do seem to respond
>to glimpses of the Human Heart, do we not?

Web logs are great for this stuff.

Lee In Mashiko, Japan
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