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: re: kiln shelf placement & bag walls

updated sun 9 nov 03


Ingeborg Foco on sat 8 nov 03

Ron Roy said: " I have been thinking about this for a year now - I have a
new kiln - and
> the manufacturer recommends staggering the shelves.
> I have decided to keep staggering the shelves - use some smaller shelves -
> big enough to fit the feet of my platters and stilt them between shelves
> such a way so the smaller shelf will be level - taller stilts on one side

So many people responded on their way of stacking shelves and firing large
patters. Thanks. Unfortunately, they don't all agree. So, how does one
decide whose way is the best way? To add to the decision making process,
along comes Mel and muddies the waters by saying bag walls are from the dark

I thought the purpose of bag walls in a downdraft was to channel and direct
the heat upwards not protect the ware. Do I dare get rid of the bag walls?

Ingeborg, who just finished firing the dragon in 80+ temperatures with lots
of new glaze tests in hopes of finding the perfect one for the next to be
fired platters. Will they be fired on butted shelves, stradling two
shelves, sitting on another little round shelf.....with or without bag

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