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a new venue for vermont potters

updated wed 5 nov 03


Earl Krueger on mon 3 nov 03

Please forgive me if you think this is SPAM but given the economic
situation I thought this might be useful to some potters.

If you live in Vermont and are interested in a new venue for selling
your pottery check out . This is a new
website by my stepson Steve Kloser offering handcrafted products made
in Vermont. Steve is very much interested in including pottery in his
catalog. If this interests you contact him directly via the links on
the website as I know nothing of his business relationships.

And even if you don't live in Vermont but like this web site Steve can
provide you with quality web services at various levels of support if
you need that.

BTW, the only benefit I gain from this is that when things are going
good for Steve he calls his mother more, which makes me happy!

Bothell, WA, USA