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surfing with helen bates - usa, southwest and hawaii - october 31st.,

updated sat 1 nov 03


Helen Bates on fri 31 oct 03


Surfing with Helen Bates - USA, Southwest and Hawaii - October 31st., 2003

-- Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

The Buchsbaum Gallery of Southwestern Pottery exhibits vessels created
by outstanding ceramic artists of the Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona,
from the inception of pottery-making in the Southwest up to the present.
Click on Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona in the final paragraph on the
home page or index page of the site for a list of the Pueblos and their
stylistic distinctions. (There are just a few thumbnail images; these
are zoomable.)

-- Nathan Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo, USA)

How to make Santa Clara Pueblo clay objects

-- Selected Indian Crafts Makers (New Mexico, USA)

(from the show: "Handmade: Art from the Portal", Santa Fe, NM, USA)

-- Goldenberg, Eileen P (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA)

(Goldenberg Ceramic Designs)

-- Gallery Materia (Scottsdale, Arizona, AZ, USA)

Many ceramic artists - the present list includes:
Adrian Arleo, John Balistreri, Bennett Bean, Peter Beasecker, Jeremy
Briddell, William Brouillard, Vincent Burke, Sam Chung, Josh DeWeese,
Barbara L. Frey, Steve Heinemann, Anne Hirondelle, Thomas Hoadley,
Kellogg Johnson, Karen Karnes, Jim Kraft, Brian Mackin, Peter Masters,
Brad Miller, Richard Newman, Jeanne Otis, Mark Rediske, Betsy
Rosenmiller, Diane Rosenmiller, Virginia Scotchie, Bobby Silverman,
Victor Spinski, Farraday Sredl, Chris Staley, Suzanne Stephenson, Xavier
Toubes, Gertjan Van der Stelt, Eric Van Eimeren, Jason Walker.

-- Running Ridge Gallery (Santa Fe NM, USA)

Ceramics: Randy O'Brien, Peter Hayes, Thomas Hoadley, James Lovera,
Emily Rossheim; plus teapots and narrative sculpture by: Bacia Edelman,
Donald Frith, Patrick Horsley, Kazuko Matthews, Elisa Stalker, Ruth
Siporski, and Tony Wright.

-- Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center (Makawao, Maui,HA)

Historic home and Arts Center in Maui, Hawaii. Current Exhibit:
"Vessel" Clay Artists: Gail Bakutis, Scott Chatenever, Tom Faught,
Stephen Freedman, Ditmar Hoerl, Thomas Kerrigan, Jennifer Owen, George
Shattenburg, Christy Vail, Shige Yamada, Carol Yotsuda.


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